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"Handmade Renaissance" the platform that brings craftsmen into the digital world

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"Handmade Renaissance" the platform that brings craftsmen into the digital world

It comes from the Veneto region from the idea of two Italian brothers, the solution dedicated to craftsmen who want to embark on a path of digitization of their business using the latest technologies, to allow the trades of the past to go through a process of redesign and transformation that can help them to enter the digital market.


"Our goal is to bring as many craftsmen as possible to success and become the reference point in Italy, both through content on the web and in the various social platforms, and through live events and workshops, of digital marketing applied to craft activities" say the two Chinellato brothers, founders of Rinascimento Handmade: an online platform that through courses and lessons in digital marketing, supports craftsmen from the construction of professional e-commerce to the implementation of advertising campaigns on social networks to spread their brand of products online.


In 2017, parents, newsstands, affected by an important economic crisis, decided to transform the hobby of woodworking into a second job by introducing in their newsstands the sale of some products created by their father.


From here, the twins approach the world of digital marketing to support this new initiative. The idea was therefore born to implement a sales strategy on Amazon, which registered positive results and which proved to be fundamental for the recovery of the family's economic structure.


Only a year later they launched an e-commerce of wooden dining tables for dogs and cats built by their father and later perfected by their mother. From Germany to America, in a short time the project achieved international success with over 200 items sold per month and orders from all over the world, thus inducing the family to close the newsstand and devote themselves completely to the new business.


In 2019, Giacomo and Tommaso decided to share their experience, the knowledge gained in previous years and the successful strategies already applied with all the artisans in search of support, giving life to the training project baptized with the name of Renaissance Handmade.


Today the platform counts over 1000 aspiring digital artisans. The path they propose to all those who intend to launch a new brand on the web is based on three fundamental steps: market research, the creation of a professional e-shop and the programming of advertising campaigns on social networks.


Source: "Forbes"


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